Trees are a beautiful creation. But when they become a hindrance to your property or a danger to your family, they have to be tended too. At times, that means removal. Falling Timber Landscaping specializes in tree work of all kinds. 


And remember, we provide a 24-hour emergency service for all our customers by calling 724-504-8247.


Tree Service

Tree Removal Services

There can many reasons why a tree should be removed. If you’re faced with a decision to remove a tree, Falling Timber Landscaping can help. We can remove a tree, which can be a safety hazard to your house or other building structures. Removing a tree can be for safety reasons and can also be for property maintenance. Trees can be removed to increase air circulation to reduce dampness in and around your home. A removed tree can let in more sunshine for functional and aesthetic reasons. Falling Timber Landscaping can remove a diseased or dead tree for the health of the surrounding trees, or possibly to improve the view. After carefully reviewing the site, Falling Timber Landscaping identifies the best method to remove your tree or trees. During each job we remove all branches, leaves and other debris from the site. Falling Timber Landscaping wants to leave your site better than we found it.

Stump Grinding Services

Falling Timber Landscaping has the equipment and experience to remove those unwanted stumps with our stump grinding services. Sure you can leave the stump once the tree is removed, in fact tree stumps can be an interesting landscape feature. However, more often than not, remaining tree stumps are non-productive, unsightly reminders of what is no longer there. They can be attractive to termites and other insects, which can eventually harm your home or other dwellings. Falling Timber Landscaping’s stump grinding service enables you to use a low impact method to reclaim that space for your landscape plans.

At Falling Timber Landscaping, it takes time to remove and grind stumps up to 12” below ground level. We remove the debris and fill the hole with topsoil or incorporate the area into your garden and other landscape plans.

Falling Timber Landscaping provides thorough leaf clean up and removal services.

Our leaf removal mobile vacuum system allows us to pick up even the tiniest leaf and to haul away enormous quantities of leaves. Our services include the use of commercial leaf removal equipment this includes backpack and hand held equipment. For Full Leaf Removal Service, please call 724-504-8247 early to schedule or get a free estimate for leaf clean up. Remember the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas fill up fast so call early to schedule.