Mulching Edging

Falling Timber Landscaping offers lawn edging and mulching services. Our skill in edge creation insures all mulch beds are sharp and clean, which gives a well-manicured look.

Falling Timber Landscaping can also do edging without mulching. As an added benefit, we clean out the edges with a trimmer throughout the season. This keeps that (well groomed look) for our mowing customers. Mulch comes in different textures and colors. We’ll work with you and find the right mulch for your yard. Mulch is installed at an average of 2 inches in depth – 3 inches for a more fluff look.

The best time of the year to seed is in the fall. Seeding in the fall provides the new seedlings more time to prepare for the stresses of summer. Seeding in the spring can be performed but requires special applications to help ensure a weed free lawn and still allow for the seeds to germinate. At Falling Timber Landscaping we feel watering and seeding is a partnership. We will do our part to make sure everything is done right on our end to ensure success. However, the best preparation and seeding work is wasted if the newly seeded lawn does not receive the proper amount of watering to ensure germination. Falling Timber Landscaping will consult with you on what you need to do to your new lawn after our initial work.

Lawn Seeding Services

Purpose of Seeding is to increase the density of your lawn. This, in turn, will decrease the chance for weeds and improve the overall look of your lawn.

Lawn Installation and Renovation

Falling Timber Landscaping offers a wide variety of lawn installation services.

Whether you need a new lawn or a lawn renovation, we have the right tools and equipment to recommend a lawn solution that is right for you. If all your lawn needs is some over-seeding, weed control or an annual maintenance plan, we can work with you on the best approach for your needs. Where and why are the first questions to answer before making any decision about installing a lawn…by determining how an area will be used and evaluating the conditions of the site. Falling Timber Landscaping can recommend the right amount of preparation, the most appropriate type of grass and the most efficient methods to help in achieving your goals.

Spring and Fall Lawn Clean Up

Spring is a great time of year, and why not have your yard looking great going into the summer? Let Falling Timber Landscaping take over your yard for a day and make sure it’s in top condition.

Our crew will clean your lawn of any leaves or debris left from the winter. Then we will tackle your flowerbeds and do the same. We will also dethatch your lawn to make sure all the dead grass and debris is out of your lawn.


Fall cleanup is the time of year home/business owners dreads the most. Cold weather is right around the corner and there are leaves throughout the yard. Falling Timber Landscaping will come in and take care of all your leaves, trim back plants or bushes and have your yard ready for the winter.

Falling Timber Landscaping also offers aeration service. This can be done in the spring or fall and we’ll help your lawn breath throughout the year with aeration.